The current WRT and river situation & remembering last year.

The current WRT and river situation & remembering last year.

Postby Brad C » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:03 pm

The Wolf River seems to have crested at Germantown and is starting a slow fall. However, more heavy rain is expected to begin Saturday night and run through Tuesday. Additional amounts up to 7 inches is possible. That will cause the Wolf River to rise again. It is very possible the record level of 27.98 feet reached in 1984 and 1995 could be surpassed.

The Wolf River at the Raleigh is still rising slowly. This is the result of downstream flow and the backwater from the Mississippi River continuing to rise.

Last year we were anxious to survey the WRT and get to work on the damage. The river was back in its banks for several days. We figured there would not be much water. HA.. HA. Our group surveyed the east loop from the paved levee to GTN entrance. Many locations had a lot of standing water. Much of it over a foot deep. The other survey groups found the same situation in their survey areas. As a group we decided to call off the work day planned for Saturday because the trails were still way too wet. It was a unanimous decision of all of the survey group.

So be patient. Just because the river goes down and is in its banks, the trails will not be ready for foot or bike traffic for many days after.

Pictures of the survey conditions at this link. ... itemId=132
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Re: The current WRT and river situation & remembering last year.

Postby OutCast » Mon May 02, 2011 6:02 pm

Oh I remember last year very well.

Went from hell to beautiful skies like the snap of fingers. Any standing water had mosquitoes so thick...if you disturbed them the air became unbreathable due to their numbers. Like Brad said, I'd say two weeks before any can be accomplished. Fallen trees are going to be so waterlogged from having sat in 2 foot deep water for days...chainsaw oilers will be clogged by the wet woodmulch that should have been chips and dust.
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