Tree work / A little damp still

Tree work / A little damp still

Postby KenG » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:33 pm

Took care of a couple of down trees on the yellow today. The is still a treetop across a short connector trail just east(?) of the creek crossing, but it's not part of the main loop. I'll hike out and take care of it when I have a little more time one day.

The fire roads looked really soft and had a couple of large spots of standing water. Red, yellow, and blue singletrack were in ok shape but, of course, could use a little dry time after this latest rain. Could see where the last bikes through there were skidding in the leaves trying to keep control on the downhills and a couple of steep sections on the yellow showed some muddy skids going down but no rutting damage showing yet.

Party on, Wayne!
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