Privet removal project in LBNA along WRT

Privet removal project in LBNA along WRT

Postby Brad C » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:02 pm

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy asked MSTA to publish information about the privet removal project going on near and in the LBNA. People have seen the skid steer machine with the cutting and grinding attachment in the woods. Some have questioned the park about the project thinking some questionable work is being done.

SFPC received a grant for the project. The first step is to cut and destroy the privet which is an invasive species. The privet infestation creates a low canopy which prevents the forest from regenerating itself. As older trees die naturally or from damage there are no younger trees to replace them.

We were told that the resulting stumps will be treated with herbicide to completely kill the invasive privet plants. Then native hardwood species will be planted in the cleared areas. We do not have a time line for the entire project. If you see the work in the woods it is not being done to destroy the woods but to enhance the woods.
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