Not working Tuesday 5/15? Help repair hazards on the WRT

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Re: Not working Tuesday 5/15? Help repair hazards on the WRT

Postby Brad C » Wed May 16, 2012 10:54 pm

The rangers came up with a ride on Bobcat with this huge brush cutter on the front. I guess they thought they could use it on the trail. Turned out the only place it would fit was the levees. When we pulled out about 11:15 they were just starting to run it so I did not know how much they accomplished. Sounds like a good bit on the levees.

When I rode with Robert and when we did the work the most overgrown place I saw was the yellow to the west of levee 2 towards levee 1. I have not seen the complete trail but you have so I will defer to your judgment.

Over the years working in segments has worked for us in the past. I don't see a reason to mess with what works. If the area east of WG needs the most then that is it. The pipeline corridor next to levee 2 is growing. Can still see where OutCast cut so it is not head high but about 18 inches and closing in. We will get that on the schedule.

Some day I will get back on a bike for recreation. I have spent the last week on plumbing projects. Started with the bathtub faucet leak. Turning the water off and back on started the water heater pressure & temperature relief valve leaking. Replaced that. I found a leak under the kitchen sink so now that is torn apart. Parts procurement and repair Thursday. Oh yeah, I also repaired an air conditioner in my spare time. Ah, the joys of home ownership. Somebody said I would get bored in retirement. HA HA.
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Re: Not working Tuesday 5/15? Help repair hazards on the WRT

Postby SteveK » Thu May 17, 2012 5:22 am

So the plan is: this Saturday, starting 8AM; Walnut Grove trailhead.

DR bush hog trall head area, cut and clear yellow trail east bound.

In the sandy areas I plan to discharge DR towards the sand in attempt to build up organic materials on the trail tread. (not twigs but mulch stuff)

My speed will be "turtle" not "rabbit".

Who can join me and Brad?
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