Harvey WRT workday #1 Saturday, Sep 9

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Harvey WRT workday #1 Saturday, Sep 9

Postby Brad C » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:34 am

Meet under Walnut Grove at 7:00 and head out on the trails by foot or bike (if possible) at 7:15. We will start cleaning up after Harvey. We have reports of a lot of small trees down and general small trail blockages. The water level has stayed high enough that the ditches are not passable so we will have to come in from several trailheads to access the trail. Some areas are still too wet to be going through so this will likely be continued in a week or 2 after we get some more drying and the water level goes down. We will also want to assess the erosion on the yellow trail. There is a good possibility that some of it could have fallen into the river. The weather is supposed to be great. Brings some water and your pruning/cutting tools. We will work out the details of some other drinks and food for after by the end of the week.
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