Herb Parsons bridge build & trail clean up June 2

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Herb Parsons bridge build & trail clean up June 2

Postby Brad C » Sat May 26, 2018 7:38 pm

Mid-South Trails Association needs volunteers on June 2, and June 3, for a large new bridge project. Brad Hopper, MSTA’s Herb Parsons trail steward, has a plan for a new bridge to replace a culvert stream crossing that washed out and is not doing the job. There is additional trail work needed at other locations too.

Check in will be 8:00 at the main entrance, then we will move to the construction site. We have steel trusses to set in place and anchor. Then decking will be attached to the bridge trusses.

Attaching the decking will need screw guns (aka cordless drills). We will have generator power available to recharge batteries. So be sure to bring your charger. Work gloves are highly recommended. MSTA will bring a number of dirt working tools including one quite large one! For the other work loppers, hand saws, and weedeaters with fuel are needed.

Next weekend is predicted to be hot, so be sure to bring your water carrying device of choice. We will have gallons of good cold water to refill your container. Energy bars will be available too.

All needed projects were completed on Saturday so no work is planned for Sunday.
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