AOL issues discovered

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AOL issues discovered

Postby Brad C » Thu Apr 28, 2005 7:43 pm

Many people signing up from AOL are not able to complete the registration with the email key. In the email message the key link is split on two lines. On AOL only the first line is a link, so the key is incomplete. AOL users have to copy the key and paste it into the address line of their browser to complete the registration process. So far I have had to manually activate every AOL user. Don't blame me, blame AOL. :?

AOL also may change your IP address while you are on line. This results in users being logged out automatically. When you log on to the BBS the system registers your IP address. If AOL changes your address while you are on line, the system thinks your on line address was hyjacked and logs you off. Again, blame AOL for this. :(
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