WRT North Yellow Bandit Trailbuilders

Re: WRT North Yellow Bandit Trailbuilders

Postby rich_k » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:12 pm

Memphis Driver wrote:It's super twisty and difficult.

Right on! Each to their own...

One really nice thing about WRTs is that they offer diverse terrain. Some flat out "rip it!" sections and other (nasty to some) twisty, challenging sections.
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Re: WRT North Yellow Bandit Trailbuilders

Postby Memphis_Buckeye » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:12 pm

andrea wrote:...It's pretty obvious by the layout of the trail that it wasn't built for horses...

111tmoney111 wrote:I hit that new section twice this weekend. It's tight with a lot of turns in some areas, but it's got some small but steep climbs and downhills too. Overall, i'd say they did a pretty decent job on it even if it was illegally made.

Memphis Driver wrote:...It's super twisty and difficult.

rich_k wrote:I rode the new sand bypass on the Yellow last night--pretty sweet! Lots of tight turns and some nice ups and drops. Despite the controversy, as nice addition to the trail system that serves the purpose of skirting the 300 yd long sand pit on the Yellow.

Man... Legality and all aside (which, by the way, I agree with the points made that you should at least get permission), it sounds like whoever built it at least knew what they were doing. Sounds like a great addition.

KenG wrote:For those that want to make the trails easier, we already have a Greenline, thanks. :wink: (commence pot-stirring in 3... 2... 1...)

Amen, Chief! I for one am sick and tired of what seems to be a trend of making trail features easier. If you can't ride a portion of an existing trail that folks have been riding for years and years, PRACTICE until you can!
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Re: WRT North Yellow Bandit Trailbuilders

Postby andrea » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:31 pm

Brad C wrote:But what if my idea of improvements is Prince Mongo style? How about a multi-color splatter paint job on the house too?

We have no problem with trail improvements. MSTA does lots of trail improvements along the river. Think about all the places where the yellow trail was falling into the river. Or, the big steel truss bridge on the blue trail north of the Greenline.

The issue is PROCEDURE. Procedure: n. A manner of proceeding; a way of performing or effecting something: standard procedure.

MSTA is the local IMBA representative club. We follow the IMBA guidelines on working with the land managers for trail issues. Our members who want to do their own projects without involving the larger group should follow the IMBA guidelines too. It is a good policy for everyone to follow. This keeps land managers from getting T'ed off with the MTB community.

This is especially important now as there are some proposed state rule changes that, if passed, would be good for our side. Sorry, I'm not at liberty give details at this time. The conservancy has kept a non-enforcement policy on bikes in the natural area and is taking some heat from TDEC for doing that. How much longer that can last if TDEC increases the pressure is unknown. We have to be the favorites.

All of the yellow trail reroutes to avoid falling into the river (BTW, some people did) were run past park management before they were done. In the case of the big bridge on the blue trail, the private property owner met with the regional TDEC natural area representative before building it. MSTA members provided the labor and materials for the footings and the decking. MSTA reimbursed their expenses.

It all goes back to maintaining a good working relationship with the land manager. They are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the property under their jurisdiction.

Thanks, Brad. The way I see it, if the only rule we break is the one they've decided to not enforce, then we don't give them a reason to ever really enforce it. But, the more non-cycling trail users we piss off, the more reasons they have to tell us to GTFO. I can assure you that every "ridden 12 feet wide" mudhole (or entire lengths of some parts of the Blue) is noticed by non-cycling members of the trail use community. It makes us look bad the same way that the people on road bikes who disobey traffic laws and throw energy gel wrappers on the road make all roadies seem like jerks. You know it's not true... I know it's not true... but unfortunately, no one notices the people who are courteous and follow the rules.
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