Herb Parsons Trail Work Day Sat. May 9 at 9:00

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Herb Parsons Trail Work Day Sat. May 9 at 9:00

Postby Brad C » Mon May 04, 2015 7:48 pm

May 9 at 9am

Meet in the parking lot. Look for the Black Toyota with the Camper shell and One Up bike rack on the back.

We will be conducting some Trail Work Training before we break into groups to knock down the ridges into the ruts and open some drains in the corners.
Focusing on the trail from:
1- Archery range to Lakeview;
2- From Lakeview to Arch Bridge;
3- From Levee to TT turn;
4- Homestead loop;
Some will be on bikes, some will probably walk
Bring a Shovel or McCloud to knock dirt down
Gloves - We will be cutting some wood for filling some wet areas. (Chainsaws will be operated by trained people)
Wheelbarrows - We will be moving Gravel! (If we get enough people)

Please RSVP to sergeantatarms@midsouthtrails.com so we can get a headcount. It helps us plan the day better.
Possibly have a Chill and Grill after!
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